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Titanium Maximum Security 2013

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Year after year, Trend Micro strives to improve on the success of our previous product offerings. This year will be no different.


It may be difficult to top last year's enhancements, especially as cybercriminals and hackers become more aggressive and successful in attacking businesses and consumer, but we love a challenge. We're confident in our ability to stay atop the industry and a step or two ahead of the "bad guys" to keep customers like you secure from online threats. But we can't do it alone...


Join the Gang, Be a Beta Tester


So this is where you come in. Join our gang of beta testers and help us fine tune our 2013 products, so that Trend Micro Titanium can continue to be strong, fast, easy-to-use protection. And if you download the 2013 beta version today and send your feedback to us, you can get more Trend Micro gift items especially if you actively contribute in this beta testing. Please check out the beta incentive section to learn more about this.

Download - Titanium Maximum Security 2013

Titanium Maximum Security 2013 Beta files:

1. System Debugging Tool (import_key.reg)

2. Disable debug tool (disable_key.reg)

3. Installation File

  • For 32-bit machines, click HERE
  • For 64-bit machines, click HERE
  • For the FULL installer, click HERE

Product Key : XZMF-0010-4632-9261-4488

While You are waiting for download, go take a look and see how to provide your valuable feedbacks and help us improving the product.

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Feedback with Beta Test Script

Walkthrough the product and feedback your results to us. You might learn something more about the product while doing Test Script. Moreover, you might be the lucky winner who gets the reward.
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Interactive with others and help each other.

Contact Beta

Send inquiries, comments or issues to beta support.

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    With Trend Micro™ Titanium™, your digital life is protected.


    Titanium provides powerful, easy-to-use, and efficient Internet security, so you can go online fearlessly.

    • Better protection - Titanium's core technologies provide state-of-the-art protection from a wide variety of threats
    • More efficient - Titanium scans faster, uses less CPU, and has a smaller footprint in memory and disk space than competing security products on the market today
    • Easier to use - Titanium's user interface is easy to understand and use with simple screens and reports
    • Set-and-forget security - Titanium won't hassle you with alerts and pop-ups


    Trend Micro™ Titanium™ Maximum Security provides maximum protection for everything you do online.


    • Stops web threats before they reach you
    • Uses less disk space & memory than competitors
    • Keeps your personal data private
    • Warns of dangerous links on Facebook & Twitter and other social sites
    • Limits kids' online activities & access
    • Stores 5 GB of your digital files
    • You can choose to protect your Mac or mobile device, too

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